quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2015

Atenas, Julho de 2015

Protesters march in front of the Greek parliament holding banners and flags. Around 50 anti-austerity demonstrators were arrested by police.
A youth in an oxygen mask hurls a petrol bomb as violence breaks out in the Greek capital on the eve of the parliament debate on the bailout.

Dozens of hooded anti-austerity demonstrators and riot police clashed on the streets of Athens last night, with petrol bombs being thrown.
Protest: Greeks took to the streets of Athens on Monday furious at the way Tsipras handled negotiations - rejecting lighter reforms during months of talks before caving in to harsh austerity measures at the 11th hour.
Hostility: Greeks have accused Germany of using WW2-style tactics to condemn their country to austerity. Pictured is a poster outside an Athens bank depicting German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble as a Nazi.

A woman burns a Syriza flag during a demonstration against the Greek bailout deal in Athens on Tuesday. Many people in the country have been angered by the agreement.
Fonte: Daily Mail

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